[Scenario Pack] Riviera Winter 2014 (January)



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Riviera Line (Before The Storm) January 2014


Drive a number of different real timetable trains and get a real feel for the Riviera line, whilst being challenged on this medium difficulty scenario pack. It includes Career & Standard Scenario’s for all, and as an extra bonus we are including a chained version of the Torbay Express 3 parter too!

You will experience the thrill of the Riviera driving the FGW HST, a BR Class 50 and a Cross Country Voyager, and take in the breathtaking scenery at different times of the day.

This has been created by the very popular and talented, as well as creative Graham Newell. Anyone familiar with his scenario’s will enjoy taking in not only the scenery, but the attention to detail that gives the scenario’s he creates that extra authenticity and attention to detail.

Included Scenario’s

  • 1A12 07:40 Paignton to London Paddington (Standard)
  • 1A12 07:40 Paignton to London Paddington (Career)
  • 1V59 14:07 Manchester Piccadilly to Paignton (Standard)
  • 1V59 14:07 Manchester Piccadilly to Paignton (Career)
  • Kingwear Excursion (Standard)
  • Kingwear Excursion (Career)
  • The Torbay Express | Parts 1 to 3 (Standard)
  • The Torbay Express | Parts 1 to 3 (Career)
  • The Torbay Express | Parts 1 to 3 (Chained Standard)
  • The Torbay Express | Parts 1 to 3 (Chained Career)

Requirements (Full list in “Description” tab)

  • Riviera Line (Steam) - HERE
  • Bristol to Exeter - HERE (Torbay Express Pt3)
  • Just Trains Voyager 220/221 - HERE
  • European Community Assets - HERE
  • Class 150 (Steam) - HERE
  • Class 66 EWS (Steam) - HERE
  • Class 50 (Steam) - HERE

Product Description

Full Requirements List

To give you the most authentic experience this scenario pack requires that you have the correct collection of DLC’s installed to use them all. Please note that refunds will not be issued should you not have the required DLC’s so please check the list below very carefully before purchasing.

  • Riviera Line (Steam) - HERE
  • Bristol to Exeter - HERE (Torbay Express Pt3)
  • Just Trains Voyager 220/221 – HERE
  • European Community Assets – HERE
  • Class 150 (Steam) – HERE
  • Class 66 EWS (Steam) – HERE
  • Class 50 (Steam) – HERE

Scenario Information

1A12 07:40 Paignton to London Paddington | FGW HST | Date: 25-01-2014


Drive the first UP London service of the day from Paignton as far as Exeter St.Davids. Depart from Paignton, stopping at Toryquay, Torre, Newton Abbot, Teignmouth, Dawlish, Starcross, Exeter St Thomas, Exeter St David. At ESD you finish and the HST is taken to London by another driver.
Standard and Career Scenarios.

1V59 14:07 Manchester Piccadilly to Paignton | Cross Country Voyager


Drive the last DN Voyager Cross Country service of the day to Paignton.
Standard and Career Scenarios.

Kingwear Excursion – Class 50 


Drive a Class 50 on a returning excursion from Kingswear to London Paddington.
Standard and Career Scenarios.

The Torbay Express | Driving : FGW HST | Date : 24-01-2014


Part 1 (Difficulty Medium) - The Torbay Express has just arrived at Exeter St.Davids and you are to take this train on its final leg to Paignton and then berth at Goodrington CHS. Departure time is 12:57
Standard & Career Scenarios + Bonus C & S Chained scenarios

Part 2 (Difficulty Medium) - You are now ready for the return journey on the UP Torbay Express. You will need to take your train from Goodrington CHS into Paington ready for the 14:15 departure.

Part 3 (Difficulty Medium) - You will soon be ready to leave Exeter on your final leg of the journey to Taunton aboard the Torbay Express Departure time 3.00pm. REQUIRES BRISTOL to EXETER ROUTE

These scenarios can be driven individually or as one ‘Chained’ scenario.

12 Files included:
The Torbay Express Pt 1.rwp ,The Torbay Express Pt 2.rwp,The Torbay Express Pt 3.rwp, The Torbay Express Pt 1 CS.rwp, The Torbay Express Pt 2 CS.rwp, The Torbay Express Pt 3 CS.rwp. Career Scenarios, The Torbay Express Pt 1of 3.rwp, The Torbay Express Pt 2of 3.rwp, The Torbay Express Pt 3of 3.rwp, The Torbay Express Pt 1of 3 CS.rwp, The Torbay Express Pt 2of 3 CS.rwp, The Torbay Express Pt 3of 3 CS.rwp


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